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New 2021 Minnesota Laws

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During the first months of the year, states will often enact either new laws or new law changes. The personal injury lawyers at Madia Law LLC pay close attention to these laws and want the residents of Minnesota to be aware of these laws, too. You’ll know about the changes or new laws that may affect you and will know about your rights. Let’s take a look at what laws are new to the state and what changes lawmakers have made for 2021.

New Minnesota Laws and Law Changes

Two new laws went into effect as of January 1, 2021. The Minnesota House of Representatives released a list detailing these laws. Let’s take a look at the two on this list.

Health and Human Services

The first change has to do with statutes on health care services and prior authorization requirements. The new law will change timelines for determinations and appeals and will also make changes for care continuity and make improvements for the public to access information.

The new laws will apply to any health plan that is renewed or offered on January 1 or after that date. If someone switches their health plan company, the new provider will have to comply previous health care service authorization for the first 60 days. During this time, a new utilization review will be conducted, which the person enrolled in the plan can have access to if they submit proper documentation.

The utilization requirement organizations will have to provide information on their requirements and restrictions to health plan companies that they review. The health plan company will need to provide this information on their websites so the public can have access to it. The company must use easy-to-understand language so anyone accessing the information can understand it.

Health plan companies will need to post additional information on their sites regarding the amount of prior authorization requests and reasons for denying prior authorizations. They have until April 1, 2022 to make this information available. Each year, they will need to update the site by the next April 1.

The law will also shorten the time for utilization reviews to reach a determination. In addition to shortening the time, the Department of Health will provide a report with data on prior authorization requests by April 1, 2021. The limitations and revocation of a prior authorization will be prohibited. The only time this will not occur is if there is evidence of fraud, or if it conflicts with state or federal law.

If Minnesota-based in-network health care professionals will be impacted by new requirements, they will receive a notice 45 days before the changes take place. The changes will also be clearly defined.

Public Safety

The next law change has to do with Public Safety. There are new law changes to how sexual assault examination kits are submitted and stored. Previous to this law change, there was discretion to law enforcement when an unrestricted sexual assault examination kit was submitted. The victims would sign a release for forensic analysis to occur. However, the new law removes this discretion. In addition, the agency that submitted the unrestricted kit will retain it when it’s returned from testing.

The next part of the law change has to do with restricted sexual assault kits. A restricted kit means that the victim does not want the evidence analyzed. Because of this, the kit may be destroyed within three to six months.

According to the new law, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, or BCA, will need to receive the restricted examination kit from a hospital or law enforcement agency receiving a kit from a hospital within 60 days. Then, the BCA will need to store the kits from the state and retain them for a minimum of 30 months from when they received them. This extended time is in case the victim changes their mind and wants the kit to be examined.

Minimum Wage

Another change will be about the adjustment to minimum wage for inflation. The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry provided the wages per hour as of January 1, 2021:

  • Large-Employer Wage: $10.08
  • Small-Employer Wage: $8.21
  • 90-Day Training Wage: $8.21
  • Youth Wage: $8.21

Madia Law LLC stays up to date with the new state laws and any changes to current ones. We aim to help the residents of Minnesota know their rights and protect them. If you have any questions about your rights and if they’ve been violated, our lawyers are here for you. Reach out to us today.