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Madia Newville Wins Front Pay and Attorney Fees for Client, Raising Final Judgment to $2.1M

We previously wrote about our $1.2 million jury verdict in federal court in North Dakota on behalf of a physician who was terminated after he spoke out against his clinic’s discriminatory treatment of a colleague.  The Court has since ruled on both parties’ post-trial motions, and ultimately raised the award to $2.1 million.

After trial, Mid Dakota moved the Court to reverse the jury’s verdict as a matter of law, reduce the amount of the jury’s verdict, and/or grant a new trial.  The judge denied all 3 motions.

We moved the Court to add on to the jury’s verdict by awarding Dr. Roswick front pay, attorney fees, hard costs, and interest.  The Court issued its Order on November 18, 2019, and awarded Dr. Roswick $430,000 in front pay, $288,987 in attorney fees, $79,413 in hard costs, and $96,108 in interest, bringing his total award to over $2.1 million.

We were honored to represent Dr. Roswick in his 4 year fight with Mid Dakota Clinic after his 2015 termination.