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Judge Anne McKeig appointed the next Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court

Justice McKeig

On Tuesday, June 27, 2016, Governor Dayton appointed Judge Anne McKeig of Minnesota’s Fourth Judicial District to become the next Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, replacing Justice Christopher Dietzen at the end of the summer.

Judge McKeig’s appointment is historic in many ways.  Judge McKeig is a descendant of the White Earth Nation, making her the first Native American to be named to the Minnesota Supreme Court.  She also shifts the balance of women to men on the bench from 3 to 4 to 4 to 3.  Minnesota was the first State in the country to have a female-majority court of last resort in 1991 and now, on its second time around, joins 10 other States with a female majority.  She will also be the only current Minnesota Supreme Court justice that earned her J.D. from Mitchell|Hamline School of Law via Hamline University School of Law.

In her speech following Governor Dayton’s announcement of her appointment, Judge McKeig recognize the significance of her appointment, stating “Today is a historic day, not only for myself and for my family, but for all Native people.  It underscores the importance of one person leading so that another can follow.”

Congratulations, Judge McKeig.

If you don’t know our Minnesota Supreme Court, check them out here:

While they may be appointed by the governor if a Justice resigns midterm, they are elected officials and must run for their seat every 6 years.

Minnesota Supreme Court Justices have a mandatory retirement age of 70.